Saturday, January 3, 2009

Professor loses cool...and job... at national college debate

One would naturally assume that a college-level debate coach would be a tactful arguer.
You know… the type of guy who doesn’t launch profanity laced verbal tirades toward an opposing team’s coach at a national college debate… the kind of guy who doesn’t then pull down his pants down to his underwear and moon the other coach… the kind of guy who would at least be sure that no one is filming before engaging in such behavior, as to not end up on YouTube making an ass (no pun intended) out of himself while one student is heard crying in the background.
Apparently, the debate coach form Fort Hays State University just didn’t get that memo. FHSU debate coach William Shanahan can be seen here (please, you have to watch this… if you don’t, you probably won’t go to heaven… seriously) launching into the most intense verbal bombardment witnessed since Lou Pinella was mistakenly given bacon when he clearly asked for sausage.
So congrats Mr. Shanahan, you’re a complete douchebag! You’re crime against society is only made more heinous by your decision to stop cutting your hair in 1999.